10 photos English tapestry for your home

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Tapestry is an ancient craft that was widely spread in Great Britain in the Middle Ages. Back then, tapestries were the sign of wealth, they decorated castles of noble people and hung in cathedrals, city halls and even viewing stands during tournaments. Tapestries were introduced as pictures and carpets, as a form of art. Tapestry making in Great Britain was considered a pretty expensive and hard business, so only members of royal families and the […]

Immense paper cut tapestries by Tomoko Shioyasu


5 a lot of pictures Oriental tapestry for your home

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Like Oriental art in general, Oriental tapestry is unique and one-of-a-kind. It is placidity embodied in fabric. It is filled with symbolism, sophistication and philosophical view of life. It is a perfect gift for elegant and airy persons who value harmony and comfort.

You can see 7 tapestry house

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tapestry house ft collinstapestry garden guest housetapestry hausetapestry parliament house

Tapestry relevance is very much alive, though it was firstly used in the Middle Ages. The only thing that has changed since then is the process of creating of tapestry that has been much simplified. Despite this, tapestry did not lose its nobility and elegance. And process simplification helped to greatly expand the circle of customers who are now able to buy it for their homes. The main condition for the successful placement of tapestry […]

Take a look a 7 photos Navajo tapestry for the walls in the house

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Tapestry themes can be different: ancient castles, floral compositions, Christmas pictures, and animals. Traditional tapestries of different nations stand apart. For more than 1000 years Navajo mistresses of needlework has passed the art of tapestry from generation to generation. Here, we offer you the opportunity to admire tapestries of the Navajo people.

The best 7 tapestry kits for home decoration

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You need a skill of a sniper to make the right choice of a tapestry theme for your home décor. Usually, only owners of classic interiors have the advantage to choose one safely. Battle scene tapestry or beautiful coat of arms will look gorgeous in the living room. Calm or neutral background will suit the bedroom. Geometric objects or abstract design tapestry is considered universal. This diversity breaks down the myth that tapestry is suitable […]

Top 8 French tapestries for your rooms

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Modern French tapestry is a thin short-wool wall carpet with unique needlework. Above all, it is an element of your apartment or home interior. What is more, tapestry fulfils two functions at the same time – decorative and insulating! In the Middle Ages these wall carpets made knights’ castles more comfortable and cozy, as the castle had no glass on windows and was quite cold; at the same time, tapestries were picturesque and depicted usually […]

8 a lot of pictures tapestry coverlet for the walls in the house

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Textile takes a special place in the interior décor. That is why modern e-stores and web-shops offer a wide range of different tapestry coverlets, rugs, wraps, etc. Choosing tapestry coverlets for soft furniture, you need to know their advantages and disadvantages in advance and learn the right choice criteria. Advantages and disadvantages Like any fabric, tapestry has a number of undeniable benefits and a few small drawbacks: Tapestry coverlets are quite durable and time-proof. Tapestry […]

You can see 10 photos Asian tapestry for home decoration

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If you wish to hang something unique on the wall I suggest you considering an option of Asian style tapestry picture. Unlike a framed picture, Asian tapestries are mobile, as they are usually fixed to decorative rods or cornices. Of course, the idea is nothing new and, likely, relates to traditional décor styles of Asian spaces. Tapestries for wall decoration have gained popularity again and many designers abundantly apply this approach in their creations all […]

Take a look a 7 Aztec tapestry for your house

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The roots of tapestry craft lie in Antiquity. Today, it’s hard to say when and where the first decorative espalier was born; but it is reliably known that the art and method of tapestry making similar to the later technologies were used in Ancient Egypt, during Thutmose IX’s ruling. Tapestries were also widespread in Ancient Greece – they decorated the walls of state and public buildings. The Aztec and Inca people also had tapestry works […]

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